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Calendar of Events

Scroll down for the particulars about our events... those regularly occurring activities like the

Friday Night Line-up, services on Wednesdays and Sundays, as well as helpful information

about special activities, like our annual Sunday at the Beach.  We look forward to you joining us.

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Sundays in July

Titles and Speakers this month:

July 7 - Dr. Sue Rubin

"Freedom: The Oxygen of the Soul"

July 14 - Paulette Jones

"The Most Important Agreement of Your Life"

July 21 - Rev. Stephen

"Practicing Freedom"

July 28 - Rev. Stephen

"Practicing Choice"

Musical guests this month:

July 7 - Karie Hillery

July 14 - Jessica Brizuela-Betancourt

July 21 - Tonoccus McClain

July 28 - Colleen Keene

Practitioners in July:

July 7 - Rev. Nancy Fuller

July 14 - Elaine Ocasio

July 21 - Jon Newbill

July 28 - Rev. Rob Thompson

Wednesdays in July

July 3rd - Rev. Nancy Fuller

"What Freedom Means to You"


July 10th - Elaine Ocasio, RScP

"Mind Magic: The Neuroscience of Manifestation"


July 17th - Lisa Ferraro

Kirtan Music Meditation


July 24th - Rev. Nancy returns 

with a Healing Conversation


July 31st - Rev. Stephen 

Poetry as Spiritual Practice​


Bring a journal and pens with you, though we'll have

materials available to support your practice.


Course Description
We'll learn about those teachers who most influenced Dr. Ernest Holmes as well as come

to understand the philosophical roots of our teaching.  Names like Phineas Parkhurst Quimby,

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Judge Thomas Troward, and Emma Curtis Hopkins will come alive joining

with more current wisdom-sharers like Deepak Chopra, Brian Swimme, Bruce Lipton, and more.

Come see how the past meets today in shaping our future.

Course Details

begins its 2nd 5-weeks beginning the 3rd week of July
Students must choose to attend on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

The Tuesday option
The second 5-week section runs July 30 - August 27
Tuesday nights 7 - 9:30 PM

The Thursday option
The second 5-week section runs from August 1 - August 29

Thursday mornings 10 - 12:30 PM


Education Investment
Tuition for each 5-week section is $195
Click here to register today
Call the office or email Rev. Stephen for information or questions


For those on Practitioner Track
Students must complete both terms to receive full credit for this certificated course

required for Practitioner licensing. You may enroll for Part 2 without having taken Part 1,

however, you will only receive partial credit.

Please speak with Rev. Stephen before registering.

CSL Simi Valley
is Going to Bali!
Orientation Zoom Call Monday July 22nd
at 7:00pm

Join Rev. Stephen for a
Once in a Lifetime Spiritual Experience


Keep an eye on your email for an invitation

to an informational Zoom meeting.
Get all the details on this fabulous opportunity for community bonding and spiritual deepening
on the island of the Gods.


Christmas in July Events


June 30 - July 31

Donating leaves you feeling...

Mm Mm Good!

Help local families!

Please bring in non-perishable food items.

All donations benefit Samaritan Center clients.


July 21 - After Sunday Service

Enjoy a treat while you shop!


July 28 - After Sunday Service

Sign up to bring your favorite dish to share!

Bring your Kids!

Kosmic Kids with Cindy Joy 
our Captain of the
Kosmic Kids Galaxy

Sundays at 10:30
During Sunday Service

A powerful, enthusiastic group of

Kosmic Kids led by an awesome Youth Team! Including fun with Cherie Deeds

for Spirit Lifting Music


All children welcome up to age 16
Including potty trained little ones

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